Hi, I’m Niranjan
Android Developer

A highly Motivated engineer and Android, Game development enthusiastic. I have a strong desire for learning new technologies and adopting them rapidly. Skilled in Technology like Android, NodeJS, Web Development, and Backend Development, Game development

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Recent Activity

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Awarded - MAEstro 2023 Award for best outgoing student of year 2023

February 2023

I have received the prestigious MAEstro 2023 Award from MIT Academy of Engineering. I am glad to hear that my hard work, dedication, and my performance in all spheres of academics, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities have been recognized and honored with this award. This achievement would not have been possible without the support of your college, the management, teachers, and staff, who have contributed to my academic and personal growth. I would like to thank MITAOE for providing an excellent learning environment and opportunities for us to excel in all areas. Thank You!

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Winner - UNESCO India Africa Hackathon 2022

November 2022

I'm pleased to announce that I won the UNESCO India Africa Hackathon (UIA), which took place from November 22 to November 25. The Vice President of India, Shri Jagdeep Dhankar, and the Education Minister of India, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, awarded our team with a monetary reward of 300,000 INR. Our team developed an Android app during this hackathon that uses computer vision and deep learning to generate detailed soil health information from an image alone.

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Paper Publication

September 2022

I'm thrilled to let you all know that Springer Singapore has accepted and published my first research paper, Shetkari Mitra App—An Application to Maximize the Profit of Farmers, in their Advances in Communication, Devices and Networking Book. The study discusses the design and the impact of an android application call Shetkari itra app which is developed to help farmers.

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Winner - Smart India Hackathon 2022

August 2022

Our team 'Team Yukti' #Won 🥇 Smart India Hackethon 2022 Grand Finale for Problem statement of Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India (Complaint Redressal Machinery) at Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad. From Pune to IIT Dhanbad to Kolkata, our journey was among the greatest we've ever experienced. The efforts putten in those 36 hrs hackathon paid off and we won the SIH 2022. Thank you all team Yukti - (Mayur Ghodekar, Aditya Birangal, Pradyumna Gayake, Aaditya Barve, Shruti Dhumne). Special thanks to our mentor Avinash Bhute.

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Selection in Mitacs GRI

Feb 2022

I'm thrilled to announce that I have been accepted as a research intern at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Canada, as part of the highly competitive Mitacs Globalink Research Internship (GRI) 2022 program. Under the supervision of Jeremy Bradbury, I will be contributing to the development of RoboGames: Educational Game Development for Learning Computer Science.


My Stack of Skillset

Android Development

I've worked on a number of Android Studio projects in both Java and Kotlin. I have Adobe XD UI and UX experience as well. APIs, JSON handling, Recycler view, Fragments, Dialogs, Picasso, and Multilingual Locale are a few of the features I have a lot of experience with.

Game Development

My true love is game development. I began game development out of interest in how games are produced, but I have since developed a passion for it. I've developed a number of games in the categories of casual, hyper-casual, multiplayer, first-person shooter, and educational games. Though I am also familiar with Unreal, Unity is where the majority of games are built.

Web Development

One of the first things I learnt during my first year of college was web development. I acquired knowledge of numerous web development technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Tailwind, NodeJS, Azure, AWS, Google cloud, and Firebase.

Simulation, Animation and Computer Graphics

I've always been curious about how animation is created. I have an ambition to one day create my own animation movie. This motivated me to study a variety of animation programmes, including Blender, Maya, Houdini, and Krita. I also learned how to tune audio using an open source tool called audacity. I have done Rigid body, soft body, cloth, fluid, and fire simulation. Also done IK and FK animations with complete texturing.


Research Internship at Ontario Tech University, Canada (Mitacs GRI)

Research Internship in Serious Games May 2022 - Aug 2022
  • Task: To design and implement serious games. (Threaded Paws and Robo-Bugs)

  • Description: developed serious game that can help students grasp many concurrency concepts and pitfalls of concurrency, like deadlocks data-race and many more. This block-based game with simulated outcomes was created using the Unity game engine. With intuitive form-based level designing and truly scalable game support code.

  • Tech Stack: Unity, Blender, Krita, C#, Audacity

Internship at MIT Academy of engineering

Web-based elective allocation system June 2021 - August 2021
  • Problem Statement: Migrated inefficient manual elective allocation to an automated system on a web-based platform.

  • Solution: Centralized automated process set up on a web portal for elective allocation on the basis of match between user preference and respective availability with CGPA-led prioritizing.

  • Technology used: HTML, Javascript, Firebase - Authentication, Firestore database, Materialize CSS

  • Application: This portal is being used by our Institute for Minor subject allocation.

Internship at Salvation Games

Game Development June 2020 - August 2020
  • Task: To Develop a Hyper casual Android game

  • Developed an android game using C# on unity. Designed character movement mechanics and physics. Also including variable speedrunning, variable height jump, jet physic, and in-game shop.

  • Tech Stack: Unity, C#, Blender, Krita, Audacity

Internship at MIT Aero club

RC Aircraft Development June 2020 - July 2020
  • Task: To Design an RC Plane and Quad-copter

  • Description: Worked on RC Plane and Quad-copter design and developed a working RC Plane and Quad-copter in Virtual mode and tested in ANSYS software. And also researched applications of RC aircraft.

  • Fusion, Blender, ANSYS, Betaflight

Education Qualification

MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune


Pursuing Bachelor in Technology Degree in Computer Engineering.

Rajiv Gandhi Academy of E-learning and Jr. college of science


Did my Jr. college here, pursued the Science Stream

Position(s) Of Responsibility

Founder and Head

Animix Club

Animation, AR VR, Game Development, and Graphic design club


Android Study Jam (2021-2022)

Organized and spoke at three workshops on Kotlin Android development.

Core Team

GDSC MITAOE (2021-2022)

Contributed in GDSC as a technical and non technical member.

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My Projects

Android Development

Game Development

Web Development

Simulation, Animation & Computer Graphics


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Niranjan Girhe

For hiring and collaborations, Connect with me via email.

Phone: +91 7768989938 Email: [email protected]